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Phyllis A. Kaye


Phyllis Kaye, a native of Los Angeles, began her career as a sculptress as an outgrowth of her love for animals and art. As the daughter of a commercial artist, she developed a passion for painting at an early age. Classes in school, at home and privately with professional artists honed her craft. However, her creative juices transitioned this pastime into a career when she first converted a raw hunk of clay into a parrot. The excitement of crafting a three dimensional being was too energizing to treat casually.

Phyllis began her studies at the Clay House in Santa Monica and then studied privately with Christo Stamboli and Biliana Popova, renowned artists and ceramicists from Bulgaria. This relationship developed into the construction of her own studio and a partnership, the K&P Studios.

Phyllis Kaye's strength is her need to communicate her love for animals and her natural sense of humor. Her apes and monkeys, frogs, dogs, cats, birds, snakes and other mammals share realism and whimsical personalities. Her vases have a unique quality that sets them apart from the mundane. Custom designed tiles are a favorite for local homeowners and their remodeling projects. All pieces are hand built and hand finished with self-made glazes, oxides or acrylic paints.

Kaye's works are on display at the K&P Studios in Brentwood, private collectors shows and on trendy Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California.