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About K&P Studio

Phyllis and Biliana met at the Clayhouse in Santa Monica, California in 2000. Although we came from very different backgrounds, Biliana from Bulgaria and Phyllis from Los Angeles, and are a generation apart, there was an immediate bonding. Our friendship and mutual respect grew into an ideal partnership.

We shared a vision of the ideal ceramic studio to explore glazing and firing of sculptural art. With the assistance of an architect, a state of the art studio was built, with skylights for natural lighting, enhanced with a hand made tile mural designed and built by us. French doors open to an enchanted garden setting. Large showcases inside display our works. Gas, electric and test kilns were installed for perfect firings. An extensive collection of glazes is individually made at the studio.

The K & P Studio is located in Brentwood, California. We welcome visitors and decorators by appointment to view our custom works in progress and completed works for sale.

Please visit the individual portfolio pages of Biliana and Phyllis.

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